New Drama series in 2013/2014 – Drama shows on TV and DVD

Here a list with the best new Drama tv shows scheduled for 2014 and of 2013 on American and British television in a top 7. Besides original drama tv series coming out, we shall also discuss the new returning seasons of drama shows like HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’ in 2014, and Sundance’s Rectify and the DVD release dates. From crime drama’s to romantic drama series coming out on DVD & Blu-ray. 

Top 7 Best Drama TV Shows of 2014 & 2013 on TV – upcoming new series

We always have a difficult time in setting drama tv shows apart from the rest, as in a sense almost every series is a drama series. Here we have made an overview of the upcoming British and American shows that fit the ‘Drama Genre’ the best. In our other list we also discuss the upcoming drama crime shows, drama thriller shows and sci-fi and tragicomedy dramas. Here is our top 7 of the very best. The release dates are US release dates.

Looking (2014) on HBO

This very promising release show is discussed in more detail in our HBO tv series section. It is a drama series about the gay community in San Francisco. It will be released on the 19th of January 2014.

The Musketeers (2014) on BBC

Without a doubt one of the biggest British drama productions of 2014. The Musketeers takes us back to the 17th century and is a retelling of Alexander Dumas’ epic adventurous tale about the musketeers. It is set in Paris where good and evil will fight it out. This original British drama will be a mini-series consisting of 10 episodes and is up for release at the end of January 2014 on BBC one.

House of Cards (2013) on Netflix

Next to the Scandinavian Borgen, this is without a doubt the best political drama series out there. In terms of dramatic television, it does get much better than House of Cards. It’s quality is accomplished by, amongst others, Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey. Spacey plays the role of a highly ambitious and sly senator in the American congress. House of Cards was one of the biggest hit shows of 2013, and put Netflix on the map. Put even more strongly, Netflix beat HBO at its own game last year. In 2014 they are releasing an astonishing nine new original tv shows on their streaming website. House of Cards is also coming back with season 2 in 2014.

Rectify returning in 2014

The biggest surprise of 2013 was Rectify, the first fully-owned and co-produced tv show of the Sundance Channel. It is about Daniel, a man who served 20 years in prison before he was released when it turned out the DNA evidence was inconclusive. He was charged with raping and murdering his childhood sweetheart. When he goes back to his family in his little childhood town he gets introduced to modern American and has to struggle with the judgement of the community. Season 2 is scheduled for release in 2014 on the Sundance Channel.

Banshee – New HBO Drama series released in 2013

This interesting little piece of work has premiered 2 weeks ago on the HBO Channel. For us it came out of the blue, but we were pleasantly surprised. The reviews so far have been moderately enthusiastic. Alongside creators of whom Banshee is their debut series, Alan Ball has been involved. We, of course, know him from popular tv series like HBO’s ‘True Blood’. It is however, no HBO production – it has been created by Cinemax. It is about an ex-inmate pretending to be the sheriff of a little isolated American town. The trailer of this American drama series has been released last month. Now in 2013 Banshee is coming back with season 2.

Mr. Selfdridge – A new British drama tv show by ITV | Release date: 6 January 2013

A new English drama series we have been looking forward to immensely. It is a British ITV production, but it also has some American features, like the role for Entourage’s Emmy-award winning Jeremy Piven. Mr. Selfridge, is as the title suggest about Mr. Harry Gordon Selfridge, the founder of the famous Department stores. It is set in 1909 London. Have a look at the teaser.

It is not just BBC anymore that makes the finest Drama series – ITV UK also scored big with their hit series ‘Downton Abbey (Won 2 Golden Globes).

The Americans – Interesting Cold War drama premiering on 30 January 2013 on FX

One topic that still speaks to the imagination is the Cold War, and the US in is fight against the Sovjets. In this new action drama series of 2013 we can see all the keywords coming back: CIA, KGB and secret agents. It stars the enigmatic Keri Russel (Still famous for the 90’s tv show Felicity). The Story focuses on Russian spies operating in the US in the 1980’s. The teaser looks very thrilling.

More great new TV series of the Drama Genre for 2013

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