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New HBO series of 2013/2014 – Schedule of Shows on TV/DVD

Here an overview of the upcoming HBO series of 2014 and the best HBO series of 2013. After years of excellent tv shows from the Home Box Office, every new year’s schedule is surrounded by speculation & anticipation. Besides 2014’s new HBO TV premieres and returning new seasons we will discuss the series of 2012 & 2013 coming out on DVD or Blu-ray. Mystery(crime) & Fantasy series fans can be pleased.

Although HBO has produced a large amount of succesful in the last few years, is the amount of newly HBO produced series not very large. And we cannot blame then, HBO has slowly become a household name guaranteeing only top quality.

What’s coming out on HBO in 2014? New HBO Series on HBO 2014

True Detective (2014)

So far there is one new upcoming HBO tv series that is getting a lot of attention. Last month HBO already released a trailer, and it looks incredibly promising. We are of course talking about True Detective (2014) with Hollywood actors Matthew Mcconaughey and Woodey Harrelson. It appears to be a very dark show following the lives of two detectives in America, and each season the cast will consist of two new actors. It is airing on Sunday 12 January 2014.

Here it the teaser for the upcoming 2014 HBO series ‘True Detective’.

Looking (2014)

I believe this is one of the most promising upcoming tv shows of 2014. Looking is an HBO show about homosexuals in the gay-scene of San Francisco. It is being described as a comedy drama. So perhaps it will be somewhat like a tragicomedy. We will see.  Looking will premiere at the end of January.

For a full list of new original HBO tv series in 2014 – The Filmtransition

Upcoming new Seasons on HBO in 2014:

  • Game of Thrones season 4 – April 6
  • True Blood season 7 – Summer of 2014
  • Girls season 3 – out now on HBO
  • Boardwalk empire season 4 – Fall 2014
  • Veep season 3 
  • The Newsroom season 3 –  Summer 2014

Original New HBO series 2013 – Entirely new shows

Despite a lot of speculating on the part of HBO fans, very little is known about the release s of this year. Only a few HBO series are officially announced to premiere in 2013. Exact releasedates are still not provided by HBO.

American Gods – very promising fantasy series based on the book by Neil Gaiman

This new HBO series, and the book that goes by the same title, gives a modern perspective on old myhological creatures (mainly Norse mytholgy) with these gods & half-gods walking about modern-day America. The book is very popular, and fantasy fans cannot wait for more details. There is no trailer or teaser out yet. It will most likely be released in 2014, but there has not been any official statement yet. Update: still no news.

New fantasy drama series for 2013 by HBO

Hello Ladies – comedyseries by the writer of HBO en BBC’s Life’s too short’ and The Office

Hello Ladies is directed and written by Stephen Merchant, who also plays the main character. Merchant is a famous British comedywriter, director and act0r. In Hello Ladies he offers us a little look in the life of an English guy who heads for the US – his goal: to find the woman of his dreams. Here you can watch a funny little teaser. This HBO comedy series will be released in 2013.

Family Tree – upcoming bought  ‘mockumentary comedy series

A very promising comedy series filmed like a documentary. Just like in the classic comedy ‘This is Spinal Tap’. This is no coincidence – the writer of Spinal Tap is the director of the show. It is about a thirty-year old man, played by Chris O’Dowd (Bridesmaids), who is going through a rough time. He just lost his job and his girlfriend left him. Then he inherits a mysterious box with possessions from his aunt. They inspire him to investigate his family’s bloodline. Along the way he also gets to know himself a lot better.

New HBO tv mini-series of 2013 – Parade’s End

Parade's End

In 2012 this was already being broadcasted on BBC. Now in 2013 this joint project of BBC and HBO will also air in AmericaIn 2012 al te zien op BBC. Here is the BBC trailer.

New on HBO TV on 11 January- the crime and action series Banshee

On the eleventh of January HBO TV, HBO on Demand and HBO Go will broadcast this series about an ex-inmate who pretends to be the sherrif of an isolated little American town. It is a Cinemax Producation and created by Alan Ball – the creator of shows like True Blood. Here is the first trailer. Banshee will return on HBO in 2014 with season 2.

New series now out on DVD & Blu-ray (2012 & 2013 series)

These were 2012’s original new series.

Trailer of Veep

Trailer of Girls:

Trailer of The Newsroom:

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