Currently being developed and hopefully finished in 2013

New Sci-fi tv shows 2013/2014 – Science fiction on TV and DVD

A list and overview of the best new sci-fi series of 2014 & 2013. Besides the newest tv shows, we will have a look at the new seasons of currently airing science fiction series. Next to that, we will provide release dates of the best sci-fi series of 2013 now out on DVD. From horror and action sci-fi series to more subtle futuristic science fiction shows. As usual, especially the new Syfy tv shows are interesting in 2014. 

Original new science fiction series & films in the 10’s – American productions

In light of  some truly great new sci-fi movie blockbusters like the new Star Trek movie, Pacific Rim (2013), Cloud Atlas (2012), World War Z (2013), Elysium (2013) and Gravity (2013), and even some interesting low-budget independent sci-fi comedy movies like Safety not Guaranteed (2012) in the last few years, hopes are also up for a great science fiction year for film. In 2014 we can expect even more from the sci-fi genre with tons of blockbusters like Transcendence (2014), The Edge of Tomorrow (2014), Interstellar (2014) and Ryan Goslings’s How To Catch a Monster (2014) However, science fiction genre television had been struggling, and several projects, like Terra’s Nova and the second season for the 2012 American NBC series ‘Awake’ have been cancelled. But no more, 2013 saw the revival of sci-fi television. Especially with great television from Europe with the Swedish sci-fi tv shows Real Humans and the French horror sci-fi The Returned, and British/American sci-fi tv shows like Orphan Black. But sci-fi tv in 2014 is even more promising. In total American launches 180 new scripted tv shows, we have selected the new best shows that have a sci-fi twist.

Top 5 Sci-fi tv shows of 2014 and looking back on 2013

The list of upcoming shows related to sci-fi is huge. We have selected the best 3 for 2014, and the best 2 of 2013. Only original new tv shows.

1. Sense8 (2014) on Netflix in late 2014

Sense8 - the new sci-fi tv show on Netflix in 2014

Most probably one of the most anticipated sci-fi tv shows to appear at the end of 2014. This new show on Netflix is a creative collaboration between the Matrix’s Wachowskis and the director of Babylon 5 and writer of films like World War Z, J. Michael Straczynski. It will be about a group of people who all of the sudden are linked to each other telepathically, and have to figure how to save the world from destruction. This 2014 Netflix sci-f thriller’s exact release date is to be announced.

2. Believe (2013) created by Gravity‘s Alfonso Cuaron

Another huge Hollywood filmmaker who tries his luck at television. Alfonso Cuaron is the director of the 2013 blockbuster Gravity. Now he is the co-creator of Believe, a sci-fi/fantasy NBC show about a girl who is born with extraordinary powers, and about man who is to be her protector. Together with the great J.J. Abrams he is executive producing the series.

3. Helix (2014 on Syfy)

Although Syfy is not always as sci-fi as fans might want, one cannot deny that they create some great shows from time to time. Hopefully the same hold true for Helix. This new original tv show is the debut of Cameron Porsandeh, and it is about a team of scientists that has to investigate the outbreak of a horrible virus at a high-tech lab. The consequences are potentially horrendous. Scheduled for release in January 2014.

4. Intelligence (2014)

This is looking to be a somewhat interesting Sci-fi action series. It is about a high-tech intelligence agent who is the first to be have a microchip transplanted into his head, enabling him to sense and register anyone and anything. To make sure this expensive investment does not fall in the wrong hanse, the agent gets assigned a secret service agent to guard and follow him everywhere he goes.

5. Orphan Black (2013) – BBC production that is more Near-fi than sci-fi

Another show to look out for is the BBC produced new sci-fi series ‘Orphan Black’. It has strong science fiction elements in the sense that it deals with clones and futuristic technology, but without resorting to space ships and other over the top extraterritorial things. The creators want to give it a believable feel. It is about a young woman, played by Tatiana Maslany who witnesses her own clone commiting suicide. The show will be on BBC America in 2013. No fixed release date for this action sci-fi drama has been announced yet, but it will be in 2013. They are currently filming in Toronto, Canada. Now looking back in 2014, this show proved to be one of the best sci-fi shows of 2013.

Defiance (2013) – New online gaming / action sci-fi series on Syfy

Currently being developed and hopefully finished in 2013

Very promising production which is currently being filmed. Syfy is about to bring Science fiction back to regular television with a lot of highly anticipated scripted tv shows (mainly drama series). For 2013 eyes are mainly on Defiance, an action series that brings the world of online gaming and series together. This show directed by Scott Stewart (Priest, Legion) is set in the near future where earth is completely changed by an all-out universal worldwar. In the midst of devestation a group of people has to build a new society.  The fate of this people is tied to what happens in a video game (an MMO) and visa versa. The US release date is set on April 2013.

Another very interesting Syfy production is the series Rewind about a counter-terrorism team that uses timetravelling to prevent terrorist attacks from occurring. It is currently being developed in Toronto with big names like David Cronenberg.

Currently airing sci-fi shows in the US 2012/2013

Here a list of the tv shows that are being aired in 2012 and 2013 or that are about to get a new season in 2013.

  • Arrow – superhero sci-fi series
  • Revolution -the final episode of this NBC series is in 2013 (J.J. Abrams)
  • Last Resort – a popular futuristic military action show on ABC
  • The Neighbors – Comedy series about a family with extraterrestrials running in 2012/2013
  • 666 Park Avenue – Pretty succesful new seductive horror sci-fi series
  • Elementary – a modern and American adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes story (CBS)

More new cool upcoming series:

New Horror series of 2014

New sci-fi series out on DVD & Blu-ray in 2013/2014

The above mentioned series are about to be released in 2013. Exact DVD release dates are not yet released. As soon as they are announced we will report about it here. For now, have a look at the most recent best selling sci-fi shows on Amazon in 2012 and 2013.

Best shows the 2012 and the 10’s in our opinion

Real Humans – Äkta människor - The Swedish series sensation after the detective series The Bridge and Wallander – Available on DVD and Bluray in Europe, not yet in the USA.

Awake – Unfortunately already cancelled NBC Show. We thought it was one of the best series of 2012. DVD release date of 2013 is to be announced.

Terra Nova (2011) – Also cancelled. Only had 1 season in 2012, now out on DVD via

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  1. It sounds hopeful that the zombie craze may be puttering out and a return to more original and creative sci fi programs has begun. That being said I still get a chill when a winner shows up on the Sci fy channel and faces the same possible fate suffered by shows like farscape and firefly.

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