New thrillers of 2015/2014 – Best upcoming thriller tv shows

Here a list with an overview of the new thriller series of 2014 and the best 2015 thrillers that are coming out on American and British television and are being released on DVD/Blu-ray this year. Besides original new tv shows we shall discuss the returning seasons of popular thrillers from 2013 and 2012.  The list is not exhaustive. We can expect some great new action thrillers and detective/crime psychological thriller tv shows for 2015.

The thriller genre is one that usually also falls under different genres. Here we have selected the upcoming tv shows that are most accurately called thrillers or thrillers series. The other ones can be read about in our other genre’s lists of 2014.

The new BBC produced drama thriller Peaky Bliinders

Anticipated thriller series in 2015


It’s not a secret the Scandinavian thriller series are amongst the finest produced ever. American producers know so, and tried the copy that specific Scandi-noir touch, which mostly led to boring remakes. Fortitude, which leans as heavily on Scandinavian examples as possible (it takes place on Spitsbergen and has The Killing’s icy lead lady Sophia Grabol in it, how more Arctic can you get?!) seems  pretty interesting though, with a star-packed cast and an intriguing detective story set in an extremely remote community somewhere waaay up north.

Better Call Saul

This show might either be great or awful. A Breaking Bad spin-off series centred around sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman, one of the series most beloved characters. Is it a brilliant idea, of a terrible one? Anyway, we don’t mind going back to that hot & sweaty world Vince Gillian created so brilliantly a few years a go. Better Call Saul takes place six years before the Breaking Bad saga takes of, so it’ll probably be something like a origin story. For better or worse, we’re extremely anxious to find out what this is going to be like. Oh and mind you; unfortunately Gillian did not participate in the writing process.

Top 8 best thriller series of 2014 & 2013

Of course, on the number one spot should be HBO’s True Detective, but that great detective show is already discussed in our HBO tv series of 2014 section.

The Red Road (2014) on the Sundance Channel

After the incredible success of drama series Rectify, Sundance has proven it is a channel to look out for in 2014. The Red Road has got everything going for it – it is for instance written by the director of Prisoners (2013), and is featuring Game of Thrones’ Jason Momoa. It is about a small town in America where a local sheriff and a dangerous member of a tribe are forced to work together. It will be released on Sunday the 19th of January 2014 on the Sundance Channel. Not too familiar with the Sundance channel? – read this article on the upcoming Sundance thriller shows, and their great police series of 2013.

Fleming (2014)

Fleming - James Bond tv show in 204

You cannot discuss thrillers, and overlook James Bond. It is about the author of the famous 007 films. He himself was an intelligence officer working for MI6. The show is a collaboration between the makers of Peaky Blinders and Sherlock. It will be broadcasted on Sky Atlantic in 2014.

The Game (2014) on the British BBC one

Toby Whithouse

It is difficult to top Sherlock, but BBC sure is trying. This year they are, amongst others, coming with The Game, a cerebral espionage show about the Cold War. It is set in the 70’s and seems to be bringing a great feel the seventies. It is created by Real Humans‘ Toby Whithouse. It is being described a show with great mysteries and complex multi-layered characters. 

Legends (2014) from the makers of Homeland

Legends - New thriller tv show with Sean Bean in 2014

From the creators of the hit espionage tv show Homeland we can now expect a new one starring Sean Bean (Game of Thrones). Legends is about a CIA operative who goes undercover, but struggles with an identity crisis. It will be on FOX.

Peaky Blinders – British gangster series of 2013 & 2014 with Cillian Murphy 

It is set in Birmingham, just after the First World War, and narrates the little known tale of a gang called the ‘Peaky Blinders’. Cillian Murphy (Inception) plays the role of the brother in the family, and has to challenge the new local chief of police. This thiller series is created by Steven Knight who recently had great success with gangster drama films like ‘Eastern Promises’. Peaky Blinders will return with a second season in 2014.

The Following – New thriller starring hollywood star Kevin Bacon | Release date: 21 January 2013

The first original new series on our list is actually also on our new horror series list. We are looking forward to it so much that we do not mind putting in on here too. The Following is a Fox series that will start shortly in January, and it is about a dangerously intelligent serial killer that communicates with other serial killers, and  builds up his own cult with very loyal followers. The serial killer in question has escaped from prison, and the FBI Agent who caught him 9 years ago is put on the case. Of cours we are talking about Mr. Kevin Bacon here. Also the following is coming back with a 15-episodes season in 2014.

The Fall – New British psychological thriller produced by BBC 

In this trailer with all the upcoming original BBC drama series you can catch a glimpse of this thriller series with Gillian Anderson ( The X-Files). No official release date has been set, but it is rumoured to air in the beginning of 2013 on BBC2. It is about a series of murders in Belfast, Northern Ireland, being investigated by a senior police officer Stella Gibson (Anderson. She is brought in from the Metropolitan Police Service, after the local police is unable to close the case after 28 days.  The trailer also shows some other new BBC series of 2013 that we discuss on this website. Just check out the new series section.

Bates Motel – Upcoming American series of A&E – Horror series after Hitchcocks ‘Psycho’ 

A tv show that is definitely generating a lot of attention. This horror or mystery thriller is about the Bates Family, in particular Norman Bates, whom we all know as the scary guy from Alfred Hitchcock’s cult classic Psycho. You truly get to know the Psyche of Norman Bates. A rather ambitious project, and we are hoping it will be able to live up the to expectations. The series is scheduled to be released on 18 March 2013.


Read more about great upcoming thrillers

It does not stop here. A lot of our other series are playing with the thriller genre quite a bit. Series like the new Hannibal tv shows or HBO drama crime series of 2014 can be found. We have also explored the upcoming Scandinavian thrillers, like the Danish The Killing 3:

Horror series of 2014

Danish series of 2013

Returning seasons of popular thriller series released in 2013

It is not only about new series. For most people having a great new season is even better. Here we have a little list of all the thriller series releasing a new season in 2013, or that are continuing.

  • Arrow – Fantasy thriller on ABC
  • The Killing (Forbrydelsen) – Danish detective thriller
  • Revolution -
  • Elementary – Modern day Sherlock Home in the USA
  • Last Resort – Action thriller series
  • Continuum – Sci-fi series

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